Why a DNA test is essential for your dog or cat

As loving pet owners, the happiness and health of the beloved animal is our first priority.

Medical treatments in case of emergency are necessary, but preventive care is just as important. With comprehensive DNA testing, pet owners can be confident that they are taking all possible steps to detect potential diseases early and ensure that their animals are receiving the best possible care and preventive medicine at all times.

DNA testing for your dog or cat can help ensure the long-term health and happiness of your pet.

What is the benefit of a DNA test for my pet?

DNA tests for dogs and cats are becoming increasingly popular, although they are still relatively unknown on the market. These tests can help identify potential pre-existing conditions and allow pet owners to intervene early to save their beloved four-legged friends countless treatments and high therapy costs in the future. The comprehensive DNA report also allows veterinarians to work more effectively and take preventive measures to minimize potential disease outbreaks.

Is it possible to determine the breed of my dog?

Another component of canine DNA testing is breed identification, which can give pet owners valuable insight into their dog’s behavior. With shelter dogs or mixed breeds, it can sometimes be difficult to determine which breeds are in their pedigree. That’s where a DNA breed identification test comes in handy – it’s a great way to learn more about your furry friend’s origins.

Where to buy my DNA test?

You can now perform DNA tests from the comfort of your own home and buy them online at attractive prices. This means that it is no longer necessary to buy overpriced DNA tests from the vet. There are reputable and verified providers on the market that work with certified laboratories.

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What comes after DNA testing?

Once the report is available, your veterinarian is the best person to discuss the results with and ask your most pressing questions. Your vet will also help you develop an appropriate treatment plan, if needed.

Get to know your dog or cat from a whole new side. Detect genetic diseases early and take timely precautions to preserve the health of your beloved pet.