PetAid DNA

Detailed DNA analysis for pets

PetAid DNA testing gives you your pet’s complete background and can reveal a disease or predisposition before it becomes a problem.

Get to know your pet thoroughly

With a single cheek swab, you can find out if your beloved pet could be a carrier of, or at risk of developing, any diseases or defects.

It reveals the animal breeds that are in your pet’s genes and brings to light your dog’s health issues, genetic makeup and genetic markers.

There’s no better way to get to know your pet from the ground up.

Determination of the animal breed

Genetic disease detection

Tailored recommendations

Understand your pet’s special needs

Get to know your furry friend on a whole new level and give them the best care possible. Get valuable information about your beloved animal companions to ensure they stay healthy and safe.

Determine future health requirements

DNA testing can provide important medical data such as breed background and reveal existing genetic conditions that can determine a pet’s future health needs.

Develop prevention strategies

DNA testing can provide prevention clues, such as diet and exercise advice tailored to your pet, which is invaluable in ensuring your pet’s well-being is always optimal.