These are the most popular dog tricks

Dogs are curious and intelligent creatures and love to learn and master tasks through play. Training together with your beloved dog, not only leads to a strong bond but also ensures that your dog stays mentally and physically fit.

Dog training and learning tricks can be a great and rewarding experience for both you and your furry friend! It’s a great way to strengthen the bond between owner and pet, keep your dog mentally and physically fit, and show off some cool tricks too!

Here are five popular and easy tricks to get you started:

1. Give paw

The “give paw” command is a great way to teach your dog his first trick. Start with the command „sit” and take one of your dog’s paws in your hand. Gently but firmly say, “Give paw,” and repeat until your dog performs the command unassisted. Don’t forget to give your dog a treat as a reward. He will be so proud of himself and encouraged to keep learning!

2. High Five

This trick is a variation of the command “Give paw”. Once your dog has learned to give paw, you can quickly move on to the “high five.” Hold your hand vertically and say “high five.” When your dog touches your hand with his paw, say “high five” and give him a treat as a reward. Your dog will love showing off his new trick!

3. Sit up and beg

This trick requires some body control and balance. Start in the “sit” position and guide your dog to lift his front paws upward while remaining seated on his hind legs. In the beginning, use a wall for support and give your dog a treat as a reward. With practice, your dog will learn to balance without help.

4. Roll over

To teach your dog the “roll over” trick, start with the “down” or “lay” command. Hold a treat directly in front of his muzzle and guide the treat in the direction you want your dog to roll, passing it over his head and down his back. If necessary, use your other hand to help your dog roll into the desired side position. Reward your dog with a treat when he has completed the roll. Your dog will be proud and love learning new tricks from you!

5. Slalom through the legs

This trick is a fun and dynamic exercise for both you and your dog. Popularly referred to as “Dog Dancing”, this trick is suitable and popular with small to medium sized dogs.

Stand next to your dog in pacing position. If your dog is standing to your right, it is best to place your left leg a little further forward. In this position, hold the treat with your left hand far through your legs and then bring your hand back to your left side.

Your dog should now automatically follow your hand with the treat in it and move through your legs and come to a stop on your left side.

Now step forward with your right leg and repeat the same exercise on the other side. Say the command „let’s dance”.

In the beginning, you should reward your dog often with a treat to motivate him to participate. The more you repeat the exercise and the better he works out, you can gradually increase the number of steps you take forward before rewarding your dog with his favorite treat.

As always, practice makes a pro. If you practice patiently and regularly, your dog will soon be a pro and the two of you will be a well-oiled team. We wish you a lot of fun!